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I am Peter.


By day, I am a software developer with a strong preference for back-end technologies. My tenacious nature lends itself well to bug-fixing, performance, and security issues, as well as writing clean code with clear responsibilities.


I write for fun. I don't like having my output stored on someone else's platform and hosted at their whims; frustrations with the entropy of sites like Facebook drove me to finally setup a this site as a hobby project/creative release valve.

What I do with my time:

  • Read, mostly sci-fi and political science
  • Watching movies, playing games… Anything involving tropes, oddly enough—I like thinking about the relationships between superficially dissimilar media, and recognizing patterns. Watching movies with me can be a uniquely exhausting experience

Things that I don't do as often as I'd like:

  • Riding my bike
  • Cooking elaborate dishes, or trying to perfect simple recipes (e.g. french bread)
  • Learn languages
  • DIY projects around the house


I live on the Upper East Side of New York with my wife, and our cat fat head Alan.