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  • Week 2 Day 3 - Code Complete

    Today's partner: Anthony

    A cold day in NYC.

    Getting more used to the schedule: even though I woke up a bit later than I prefer this morning, I knew what I needed to do to get out of the house and get fed before class, and I knew what we needed to do when I arrived. Coffee was brewed all day, we did our work, the breaks went well… this program is pretty cool.

    There's still more to be done with chess, but I have to say that we got to a really good place today. We have a really clean codebase that could be hardened a bit, but the code is about as organized and modular as it needs to be.

    I'm mostly done with chess; everything that's left is polish on a solid core. Don't get me wrong - it's good - but there's not a lot of marginal learning value left on this topic. The remainder of the work is the programming equivalent of going to the gym once you've hit your target weight: good practice, but kind of rote and boring.

    When I'm not so tired of it, I may come back, but I'd actually prefer to do something else. Perhaps look at the mazesolver/mazebuilder that I started skeletoning earlier this week: that should provide some interesting problem solving.

    My partner and I worked well today. I was still domineering, sort of, because I didn't want to have to finish chess after class tonight, but he held his own. I hope he learned something from me and didn't hate working with me :)

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