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  • Week 8 Day 2 - Let me tell you something

    Today: solo

    Today's project was to create a web chat client using socket.io. Surprisingly, to me, I had a lot of fun doing this work—this sort of systems~ish programming is right up my alley. Massaging packets and managing client-server data processing is fun, once I figured out a couple questions about namespacing and the like.

    In terms of "people won't remember what you said, only how you made them feel", I know that I had fun today… but between 5:30 and 8 pm, I made some changes that completely broke how the server handles command requests. I can change my user nick, and then immediately the socket closes, and a new socket is created, losing all the previous state. I managed, in just under two hours, to track down the call that's causing the error—something about calling socket.emit inside a particular logic branch—but I couldn't manage to kill the bug, and it's kind of driving me insane.

    That said, this is one of the first projects in a long while that I want to keep working on even at the end of the day (as can be seen by my still being at the office after 8 pm). It was a ton of fun, which I can't seem to overemphasize despite my best efforts, but I have to throw in the towel. Maybe this will be something that I can keep working on after the final project.

    Speaking of, today was the day that we had to present our initial wireframes to the instructors. Tommy sat down with me and my admittedly crappy, half-baked wireframes, and we walked through the app I'm going to spend the next two weeks creating. This is the really fun, really hard part, one because I keep having to rein myself in, and two because … actually, that's it.

    When it comes to large projects, I struggle to keep the scope of my work to a reasonable level, instead letting my ambitions smash up against the realities of implementation. This will either be an unmitigated disaster or a really excellent personal learning experience. I'm good at debugging and problem solving, but when it comes time to interview after this cycle is over, I don't want to have to say that my greatest weakness is that I don't know how to bite off only what I can chew.

    The assessment went well; again, the class as a whole were missing quite a few points, but the median score was perfect, which means that a few people had a lot of failed tests. Hopefully they'll overcome; I'd hate to see any of the people I've been working with the past eight weeks get washed out now… although I can understand if it has to be that way. We're not General Assembly; we have to maintain some standards ;)

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