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Posts from 10 January 2015

  • Week 8 Day 5 - A brief pause

    It's telling about my state of mind that I tried using an Atom shortcut, namely cmd-enter, to insert a carriage return below the current line, and ended up instead sending my blog post off into the internets.

    We've all been staring at text editors for nine hours (minus breaks and lunch) and it's been a long, albeit productive, day. I can tell what everyone's up to and no joke I'm behind… however, I haven't asked for technical help or code review in three days.

    … I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of this fact…

    My rails product looks pretty good. The models all work, modulo a couple details that will start to come out in the wash; most of the controllers are up and running well, and many of the views work the way I want. I'm starting to transition to Backbone—normally, we would have been doing three-minute presentations of our progress today, but that's been pushed off to Monday, at which point instead of showing our Rails MVP we'll be showing our Backbone MVP.

    What this means, for me: I have no free time this weekend. Or, more accurately, my free time will be spent in the arms of javascript and, more precisely, Backbone.

    Now that I remember how to rails, it'll be interesting to transition back to JS.

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