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  • Week 9 Day 1 - What day is it?

    I was actually going to post a partial update about my work over the weekend, but didn't manage to find the time. It might be a worthwhile task to do on my train commute, given that the normal sources of distraction are quite boring lately (although I suspect that others might think the same of my "content" on platforms such as fb).

    Long story short: after running a couple errands on Saturday, I made it to the office by 6 pm, and worked straight through until about 2am, slightly tipsy and having learning a whole lot about how rails and backbone routes interact. There are a couple people who were here when I got here, and I had a very enriching time between talking through errors and feature development. I ended up bouncing a lot of ideas off of one guy in particular, and that helped me nail down a particularly complicated process that had been giving me fits.

    Sunday, I woke up around 10 and started at the office around 2, and worked there for ten hours until the lack of running water in the building (long story) and the late hour drove me home. (I was also running on fumes, energy-wise). It was a long day of debugging, thinking through the backbone object model, and offering moral support to the other people working from the office.

    I, by no means, have the most broken nor the most functional app, but I feel that I'm in a good place right now—which is good, since I'm setting my own pace :P I'm confident in the kernel of my project: every re-factor so far has been on the order of 5-20 lines of code, with a noticeably left-leaning Poisson distribution (i.e. more short patches than long).

    Today, then, I woke up not sure what day it was, and I was somewhat disappointed to realize it was "only" Monday. When you work through the weekend, there's not much point trying to differentiate between each day. Nonetheless, today was better than a typical day at work, from my past life… this feels like just "what I do" now.

    One thing that I like about the approach I've been taking toward development is that at every stage, my app works. I have yet to have a period, once I finished the core view, that adding a feature caused another feature to fail. Part of this is due to my deliberate approach to development, thinking through how the features will interact down the road, but most of it is due to a highly incremental process of grafting features on sensibly.

    I do, however, wonder if I can keep this up.

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