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  • Reining in perfectionism

    I have the easiest time not being a perfectionist when I'm working on something that I don't care about.

    I think this is an extension of my thinking about identity. I identify strongly with my work, more specifically my work output, and when I don't feel that my work on things that I identify with is good enough I get tetchy.

    Meanwhile, I can recognize a finished product, and get my work there much more easily, when the topic isn't something I have strong opinions about.

  • Private Languages

    Each one of us means, with our words, exactly what we mean; no more or less.

    When you are misunderstood it's often because the other's use of words places a greater significance on a given definition than you do.

  • The art of the possible

    Politics is sometimes described as the art of the possible. The possible is the set of all states that are reachable from the current world, given the preferences and abilities of the people currently in power.

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